Making a Digital scale for a blind friend

Hey there! My friend has been blind since birth and is currently taking culinary at the college I am attending. The problem is there are no scales for blind people. I need to make a scale that will speak out the weight once it is weighed. I plan on using an SD card and 25 sound files (1-20, 30, 40, 50, point, and grams) so that it will speak out the weight of the item. The only roadblock I have is finding a scale sensor. what would I use? is there a way to translate the data being sent to a display on a functioning scale back into data so all I would need to do is add on to an existing scale minus the display?

Any help would be greatly appreciated

You probably need to look at “load cells”.

“talking scales for the blind” shows lots of hits on google.

Great Idea Jorad and nice that you would want to help a friend out but as Awol has pointed out the product is already there, but if you still want to go ahead and prove the concept then why make it hard on yourself with sd cards and wav file, why not just have long beeps 100's gramms and short beeps for 10's gramms, keep it simple

I didn't know they already existed. Cool to know. As far as the beeps go we had talked about that as well but anything worth doing is worth doing well ;)

Thanks for the help guys!

Sparkfun just came out with a shield with the Speakjet chip-- You could use that, or just make your own circuit.

That easily can do voice synthesis, though I'm not sure how intelligible it is.

Check out any cheap digital scale; it will already have an electronic strain-gauge setup in it for what you need (but you will have to have a calibration routine in your code) - if you get a cheap kitchen digital scale, it will likely have enough room inside the base to put the Arduino and sound system. Good luck!

im sorry i cant help, but i will be following this one... and i think its so nice that there are still people who want to help others...

Me again... Does he still need this? I could help you, or even make one for you / him...

I directed him to a place where he can get one pre-built. It's too bad they are so cheap it would have been nice to develop one and kind of "stick it to the man"