Making A Grid Of LEDs, Random On,Off,and Flashing

I am building a board game with LED lit pawns. Each tile of the game in a 5x5 grid will randomly each turn cause the pawn to light up, blink, or turn off when the pawn is plugged in.

Each indication means a different event is happening to the player pawn. Each turn the computer needs to randomize the grid. I would like for the solid light commands to move directly next to the square it was in a random direction but I'm unsure on how to program that.

I want the grid to change every time a button is pressed. Any thoughts on how i would go about that? I appreciate any advice or comments.

Two days with no response on this forum means no-one can understand what you are asking. Post a more detailed explanation, with diagrams, and perhaps a step-by-step example sequence of turns/moves.