Making a haptic rig, need help what motors/sensors to choose.

I am making a haptic rig, which is going to be a series of motors and sensors on a suit. My first question is that I need a motor that can move with the body (the shaft moving) yet still can restrain the body to emulate swimming or holding something. Also are there any sensors that can sense when my body moves? Like a servo that measures instead of moves. Also any help on connecting this to oculus rift without using leap motion (I am trying not to spend to much money) ?

Can you rephrase your question please, but this time try to imagine that we don't have a clue what it is you're asking about?

A haptic rig is a rig that emulates feelings, like in vr, you may touch something in vr and some servos make apply a bit of pressure so it feels like you are actually touching something. Leap motion is a 99$ thing to apply to any vr to make your hands the controllers. I need a motor that will not be damaged by free movement, like if you turn a servo without it being on, and that motor needs to be strong so it can stop me from moving to quickly, for example, to emulate swimming.

Did that help?