making a mathematic formula on arduino


i’ve a question here that i have some trouble to make a mathematic calculation in my arduino program to generate a frequency for my stepper motor,can someone help me out how i wrote this simple formulation on my program ?

Standard trigo C functions:

atan(double x);
sin(double x);
cos(double x);

They all work with radians.

If it doesn't help, provide more details on what you're trying to do and why you don't manage to do it.

They all work with radians.

That always trips me up! Same thing in Excel.

[u]Converting Degrees to Radians[/u]. You can either make the conversion in advance and use Radians directly in your code or you can put the conversion into your formula and let the Arduino do it.

Is that a formula ? Is that a minus ? why is the alpha there ?

That always trips me up! Same thing in Excel.

I can feel your pain :confused:

I always throw stuff like that into wolfram alpha...

Check out the 'result' and also the 'series expansion'

Not sure if they help out in terms of the processing on an arduino - but it's interesting to know there are other ways to achieve the same result.

thanks for all suggestion finally i can make it,thanks a lot :slight_smile: