Making a new board like RPI but can be easy-used like Arduino

With the popularity of Raspberry Pi, more and more single-board computers appear on the market. They have powerful functions,yet they are not friendly for beginners, especially those unfamiliar with Linux to use. We believe that, with regard to this, Arduino is better, as it has the underlying operations packaged, and the users can realize hardware functions through simple functions. Besides, Arduino ecosystem is rich enough for us to easily find a lot of extensions needed as always, which is quite convenient for rapid development.

Now, we want to make such a development board, which has performance of computor as Raspberry Pi level. After installing the Ubuntu system customized for our developers, beginners can operate it as an Arduino.

Currently, we have completed the sample, which adopts ARM Cortex-A8 core with main frequency up to 1GHz, 1G DDR3 memory and 4G FLASH. With regard to peripheral expansions, we also make them as rich as possible: it supports HDMI interface – which you can use to connect to your monitor, USB interface –which is used to connect to mouse, keyboard, USB HUB , Ethernet interface – which enables you to surf on line by connecting the network cable to your router, Micro-SD card slot - our operating system is installed on the Micro SD card and audio input / output - which can be connected to speakers, headphones and microphone. In addition, we broke out more than 60 GPIO interfaces on the board for you to connect to sensors and other electronic modules, which include UART, IIC and SPI interfaces.

For beginners or users who are not familiar with the underlying operations of linux, it is difficult to operate these interfaces. However, if you install the customized operating system we offer on the MicroSD card, which in fact has already contained a development package similar to Arduino, and as we have done mapping and drive to the corresponding pin, you can set up the pin mode or even operate the pin only by using a function like "pinMode (1, OUTPUT);" . For operations of UART bus, etc., we also make their use very simple which is basically the same with operation of Arduino.

Our ultimate goal is to provide a compiler like Arduino and to port the various libries about Arduino to linxu system in the future, as a result, a lot of Arduino codes can be copied directly to compile and run without any modifications needed.

Now we have updated it on indiegogo here: Iteaduino Plus - ARM Cortex-A8 Dev-Platform | Indiegogo

You can find more detailed and see the video , download the datasheet there XD