Making A Piezo-To-MIDI Trigger for tap tempo?

Hi there,

I'm totally uninitiated in all things electronic (I did make a fuzz box from a kit once) and looking for a bit of advice on where to get started.

What I'm hoping to achieve is a way of attaching a piezo sensor to a big old wine crate I use as a stomp box, convert that into MIDI and then use that to control the tap tempo on Ableton so I can keep any loops and things in sync with my erratic feet :slight_smile:

So... I was going to just get a started kit but no idea of how much I need / what is overkill / where I should look for projects. Keen to get my head into learning about everything but as of yet have no real knowledge of the whys and wherefores of everything.

So, aye, if anyone can offer some guidance? That would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!