Making a printer with only a lasercutter and a 3D printer

Good afternoon.

I'm in a project where I need to make a printer using arduino, and producing the parts in a laser cutter or a 3D printer. The printer only needs to print small tickets with 3 digits, and should be fast enought not to delay much people.

I already searched google, but their all based in old printer parts, need a thermal printer or are very slow.

Thank you in advance.

I'd say you're on the wrong forum - the Arduino part is going to be trivial compared to the design and fabrication of the mechanical and electrical parts.

Thanks for the reply. Yes I am seeing that. I'm new to Arduino and as a designer I need to come up with a solution. But I guess the real challenge will be making the parts, and the programming will be the easiest.

You don’t supply any information about the printer specifications your hoping to achieve but why not use an off the shelf one like this?