Making A Pull-up Resistor?

Yesterday i received my ever so magical package from Sparkfun! One of the things i ordered was a dallas DS18B20 Temperature sensor.

To my dismay, it did not function because i needed a 4k7 pull-up resistor to connect to DQ (the data output pin) I only have current limiting resistor.

Is there a way to get around this?

If not, is there a way to MAKE a pull up resistor? Even if its a whole new circuit involving transistors and capacitors I can make it. As long as the circuit acts like the pull-up resistor.

Or! Does anyone know where I can find some pull-up resistors in junk items? :-?

Thanks! :D

a pull-up resistor is nothing special. It's a normal resistor.

Pull-up just means that one leg of the resistor is connected to Vcc (or the +5V on your arduino) and the other leg for example to one of the digital arduino pins (in your case, to the DQ pin of the DS18B20).

When you need a pull-down resistor, it's exactly the same resistor, only instead of connecting it to Vcc, you connect it to GND (Ground).

Greetings EriSan500

Or stated differently, a pull-up or pull-down is an application of a resistor. A resistor is just a component.


Face palm

I should have read more than just a few paragraphs before asking.

Thanks! I'll try wiring it now that i know its safe. :)