making a Reciever

Im new to Prototyping Boards and chose arduino because i watched a TED conference. but im interested in making wirelessly controlled things, anything really, havent decided. BUT im looking to make a wireless controller. i know you can buy them but i want to make one. searching the subject didnt bring me any leads. i dont have anything but the arduino and a few scraps i took from other devices that broke (my radio) lol

i also have a few a couple motors, resisters, diodes, and transisters (cause they come in a $10 fun pack c: )

where would i start. i have a little experiance useing leds and the IDE, but thats it.
i know the 5v + ground trick to make anything turn on. i read a free guide online that teaches script writing. so i understand PMW inputs and outputs
basicly i know the board.

hope to have fun with this. thanks in advance.

If you would like to make a wireless controller, I would consider getting an IR Receiver, which you can purchase from many sites including Ebay and Amazon.

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Infra Red? could someone design a Drone that moves to a laser? i have an Infrared laser in mind. i would expect that you would get more range and maybe use pmw to control the flicker of a laser to send commands. kind of like a cat chasing a laser but to be revised.

Hello, I am going to be honest here,
I have no idea if it can be done. I have never done it before.
But, If you get it done, please send pictures of your success so everyone can learn from it! :slight_smile:

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how about we both work on it solo then keep tabs and build on each others ideas.

I haven't got the necessary requirements to build it yet.
although, I am working on getting a kit together.

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Here is a great tutorial on making a simple AM radio receiver from scraps of wire and a few other household items. There are lots of sites that build on that (shortwave receivers with one transistor, FM etc.) Have fun!

i have a 5 pack of recievers and transmitters on its way.

im trying to make a RC device. thats the kind of transmitter i need. can AM radio be made to send commands?

If you're looking for a cheap short range digital radio transceiver, nRF24L01+ transceivers are cheap and easy to use with ManiacBug's library.

I want to know how to make my own is there a tutorial somewhere

I want to know how to make my own is there a tutorial somewhere

You want to design and build the RF elements?

Building your own Radio receivers, other than a simple crystal set, is simply not a practical proposition for anyone
other than an experianced RF designer.
The design calculations alone will swamp anyone , let alone actually building the circuitry.
Its best to simply buy the hardware already assembled and treat it as a module which does all the hard work
and all you need to do is feed data in and get data out.