making a RF based remote control with zigbee


I am planning to design a remote control for a vehicle using Arduino and Zigbee for my senior design.

The signal will be RF. Now I have two choices, either use a joystick, or control from the computer.

Personally I prefer a computer

I need a little help on that matter, i googled and found some results that satisfied me but I wanted to ask here and get better answers.

What components do I exactly need apart from the arduino and zigbee modules, and motor components.

In our design we went with the Arduino Uno, Xbee pro 60mW series 1, 313 RPM HD Premium Planetary Gear Motor, and Cytron MDD10A driver motor

What else do I need?, encoders, decoders, etc...

Sorry if I seem a bit lost, I am still fresh in all of this, and all of my projects so far were fairly simple