Making a robot. Need advises

Hi! I am planning to make a robot controlled by wi-fi. And I need some advises 1) Hardware

Adruino Uno Motor Shield Ultrasonic Sensor And some wi-fi shild: there are RedFly-Shield and Cosmo WiFi Shield. Are they both sutable? 2 motors 1 servo This is for beginnig. It is possible to connect it together?

2) I want my robot to be controlled by computer, and I want to use SLAM for making maps and orientation. I've read "slam for dummies" And i realy don't want to write it on my own. There are and projects but i couldn't find how to use them in my code. I mean that this must be interactive: basing on the already given information SLAM should tell the robot where to go and what to meashure. And here I need a lot of help..

Here it is. Thank you for any help!

P.S. Forgot to tell. Now I am going to write a robot emulator for testing SLAM. That seems to be usefull for experiments..

You'll need to check that your motor shield and wi-fi shield don't use the same pins, but provided that's ok, the rest will be fine. I don't know anything about those shields, so I can't really comment further.

You might want to ask in the 'Interfacing w/ Software on the Computer' forum for help with SLAM or MRPT.

Dronte: Hi! I am planning to make a robot controlled by wi-fi. And I need some advises

My advice would be to start with getting your motors turning, and getting a platform moving first.

With your attitude towards SLAM, though - you aren't likely to get very far without at least understanding to a greater depth than a small presentation. SLAM is not quite "plug and play", yet. It is a very active research topic in robotics; one that requires a fairly good understanding of a variety of mathematical concepts, hardware implementations, software algorithms, etc.

With your simple hardware, though, you can begin to approach this; I would also advise you to not go down the road of "rolling your own" simulation software - given your seeming lack of understanding of robotics in general, and SLAM in particular - you might end up going down a software development rabbit hole trying to develop the simulation. Instead, look into existing robotics simulation software (there's more than a few packages out there).

Dear cr0sh.

Thak you for your answer, and there are some points, i chose that way..

The first one is that building just a "moving platform" is not realy interesting for me. So, i don't want to start this without having an idea how to make it at least a bit autonomous.

The second one is that my idea of writing an emulator "skips" the hardware step, so, no problems here. And, i didn't mension, i want to make it rather simple. If you want I can describe my idea at greater length.

I said that I don't want to write SLAM on my own, and I am going to use ready hardware. I don't want to build it from scratch.

And one more: I am an application math student, and "software developing" is a bit my hole. And I now some about algorythms.

Still thank you for your answer. It is useful and impotant.

Having read all that, I have to wonder why you are here. Cr0sh gave you good advice. Regardless of what you want running on your PC, you'll need a moving platform that can respond to commands sent via wi-fi, and send some information back. That is the place to start, and if you don't want to be involved in that part, then frankly, this is the wrong place to be.

dxw00d If I have a software that recives and sends the same signals, i have something to start with.

That's great, but what does it have to do with an Arduino?

I see the point. I am looking for an advise. It seems that there are people who can give me one. I think making an Arduino robot is connected to Arduino.. No matters, wich way of developing I choose.

I anderstand that the way I choose is not the best one. But please, don't kick me out. Should I open the topic in "Interfacing w/ Software on the Computer"?

Yes, making an Arduino robot is connected to Arduino, and that's what we can help you with. There may be members in the 'Interfacing...' forum that can help you with SLAM. A search shows some threads on the subject.