Making a shield

Ok, so i want to make a shield that i can plop right into my arduino so i can migrate my project off my bread board.

So i got my hands on a board and some make header pins. The problem i have is the spacing between the digital pins 0-7 segment and the 8-13 segment is weird and doesn't align up properly on a standard board . The analog pins and the power segments align up perfectly, its just the digital side.

Is this how its supposed to be? or did i just get a weird board? And ideas on how to fix my problem?

The analog side

And this is the digital side

Yes they are all like this. It started a a mistake and then had to be perpetuated to allow shields to be still compatible with later models.

There are several ways round the problem, I favor:-

But there are others like, bending headers and having double headers. Just google around the problem for lots of solutions.

What I did is to take the official arduino design in eagle and strip off all except the headers and outline. then you are free to create your own shield...


No, that's not how it's supposed to me (ask mellis!) - it was an 11th hour-under-pressure mistake, and now we are stuck with it - so you didn't get a defective board.

There are several posts and blogs out there that describe how to mod headers to get them to fit (alternatively, you can redrill your PCB!), most involve bending the pins on the headers.

Or, you can go to SparkFun - they sell pre-bent headers (I am not sure if other vendors sell them, they might)...