Making a standard flip flop with 1 switch, hardware only (no Pmosfets i have 0)

I was wondering if anyone knows of a good tutorial on doing this, ive learned how to do it in arduino and I want to learn to do it with just hardware. Anyway I learn better by seeing a well laid out schematic (still working on reading schematics correctly, eg are all the lines connect, does this have to go here what part of an npn is this or that cause they usually arent labeled or even marked with the appropriate markings.

Still if anyone has a hardware only tutorial Id appreciate it, of if its easy enough for you that you could whip one up in 15 minutes if you would do that. If not its ok, ive just spent a few days looking and havent found one I can understand that explains it fully enough or one i had the exact parts for.

I have 2-4 npn transistors and 2-4 pnp transistors, i have 555 timers, i have a type d flip flop chip i think 4013 is the number. I have a few things from my arduino mega starter kit and my older radioshack learning lab.

Thanks guys

What is a "standard" flip flop?

What larry said. I'd guess that a "standard" flipflop means set/reset, as used in debouncing. D, JK, and T flipflops are more-or-less master/slave flipflops, combining SR "basics" creatively with a clock signal.

the 555 and the 4013 contain flipflops with Set/Reset inputs, so all you have to do is connect them properly and tie the unused inputs to appropriate signal levels.

Or you can build it with two transistors (either NPN or PNP) and some resistors...