Making A Switch Board (HID)

So I want to thank everyone first of all for your help in getting me this far. I understand now how to properly wire the board, the use of the digital and analog pins, and even a little bit of coding. I’ve been playing around seeing what else I could learn too.

But right now I’m wondering how I can get my PC to see the arduino as an HID. Basically I just need to know how to get it to recognize it as “joystick buttons.” I tried to use the library which said “include: HID” but that didn’t help.

So how exactly can I make the computer (win 10) see it as a gaming device?

Which Arduino do you have ?

UKHeliBob: Which Arduino do you have ?

Board is Micro ATmega32U4-mu.

jbearnolimits: Board is Micro ATmega32U4-mu.

It's supposed to be the same as the arduino micro.