Making a vibration sensor with alerts over wifi, what do I need

Hello, completely new to all this, but plan on learning. I'm looking to build a vibration sensor, that when it detects vibration it sends an sms alerting you.

Which arduino should I buy, what other materials will I need?

Any tutorials pointing me in the right direction are also appreciated, I plan on doing the udemy course soon as well.


We strongly recommend to start by working through the simple examples that come with the Arduino software, in order to learn the language and special features of the Arduino. It will be essential to learn how to blink an LED without using delay(), read a switch, a voltage or a sensor. Otherwise expect endless frustration.

For tutorials on doing "something" with arduino, just use "arduino something" as the search terms.

Headline asks for WiFi, message asks for SMS. Start by making up your mind on what you really want
For the first: get a NodeMCU or WeMOS D1 Mini; for the second an Uno or equivalent with appropriate GSM board.
Other things you will need: appropriate power supply, appropriate vibration sensor, wiring, etc. And indeed do it step by step. Get one thing working, then another thing, then combine the parts into a complete project.