Making a wiring harness for a project

I am trying wire an OV7670 camera, which requires 3.3 volt maximum. This is ensured by following this diagram when I look at this to put the harness together I end up with something that looks like a bowl of spaghetti. Does anyone have an elegant (or just tidy) way to put it together?

Then, I guess, you have already got the project working satisfactorily? How long are your wires?
Nylon cable ties work great to keep wires under control. So does cable lacing twine. As a last resort, get some multiconductor cable and use it to make the connections.


Is that 3.3V coming from the OV7670 camera ?

3.3v from UNO to power the camera

So the UNO is powering the OV7670 camera ?

If so, what current does the OV7670 camera need ?

Not working yet, every time I move any part half the wires fall out of the sockets. Unless I create something more durable in the way of wiring I'll never get there :frowning_face:

Haven't seen anything on current draw from the camera just that it ONLY takes 3.3 volts, hadn't even thought about current.

Make up a header cable:

I can make the cables when needed, I have bought 100 each 150mm of socket to socket and plug to plug and 200 plug to socket ready made and have parts to make others including 3 metres of 25 core ribbon and several 600mm 68 core SCSI cables. What I can't get right is a neat way to make the Power, Ground, SIOD, SIOC and XCLK leads as illustrated.

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