Making an arduino board by myself with SMD

Hi all, I'm trying to do my own arduino board in my home with SMD, but I got a problem in the middle, there are several sizes in resistors for SMD (805,206, ...). I don't know which size is the duemilanove using and im using to create the board the duemilanove eagle file in the page of arduino.

Does anyone which size should I use for the duemilanove?.

Also, is there a list of the exact parts that I need to buy to make 1 duemilanove?

I will post my progress in the forum as soon as I get the parts and start working on it.

Thanks everyone!!!.

Duemilanove uses 0805 size package for resistors, capacitors, LEDs.

If you download its eagle files from the hardware section you can see the parts that are used. In fact, you can use that as a starting point for your board, deleting parts you don't want and adding others.

You can also 'export' (its an eagle command) the Bill of Materials. Then go thru digikey and use its filtering capability to find parts to buy.

Oh my!!!, you are a genius! Thanks man appreciate it. Will try to do that. I got a part list from the eagle file, but some items had some weird names, no idea why. I will export the bill of materials and paste here doubt.s Thanks

Yes, the BOM is sort of generic. But you can filter in digikey for a value and size and in-stock and work your way down to a short list of part numbers to select from.

Really good advice. Thanks. :)

As part of the Freeduino project a couple years back, we made four different board designs in three sizes of SMT (0603, 0805, 1206, and through-hole.) Only the TH version went to "production", but prototypes were done of all four varieties, and they all worked. One of them might be a good starting point...

(The freeduino experience was that 0805 was a sort of sweet spot. 1206 was nearly as big as TH, but still had the "SMT issues", 0603 was too small for comfortable handling. Once people got the hang up it, the SMT versions were quicker to assemble than the TH version (no constant board flipping, etc.))

If you're making more than a few, you may want to panalize them from the PCB maker, then get a stencil that does a bunch at once, then get your toaster oven out to broil them.