making an arduino question

im using the duemilanove schematic:

to make an arduino equivalent. This is what im going to do, ive got resistors and ive got the 22p and 100n capcitors. So Ill assemble the IC thats on the right side of the schematic which is the atmega.

I will be putting the atmega on my arduino, programming it first then using it to power LED's elsewhere. Also i want it to take input from switches and maybe a hall sensor or something.

i was told to ignore the icsp as i would not need it (good idea/bad idea?)

do i need to do all that junk at the reset pin of the atmega?

do i need to M8RXD stuff at the bottom (attached to pin 1 and 0)?

what on the schematic is equivalent to the analog pins?

If your making one, I'd recommend the RBBB as the simplest practical circuit, its public domain

Open up the Instructions PDF at the bottom, a goldmine of information.

If you live stateside you can buy the circuit boards very cheaply and add your own components, I've made the same circuit up on stripboard and it works fine. It doesn't do shields, at least official ones :wink:

The bit round the reset is for the auto upload feature which makes life easier if you're programming the chip onboard.

id still rather just make one myself.

in fact i might just use the RBBB schematic. thanks!

Heres my homebrew based on the RBBB circuit.