Making an irrigation system

Hello! I want to make an irrigation system for my Harden with my arduino uno And with a solar panel that will OPEN the valve At a specific hour. The list of componenta is:
Genuino Arduino uno r3
Solar panel-10W
Sparkfun Sunny Buddy
Lipo battery-4600 mAh And 3.7V
Lcd 16x2 with i2c
Matrix Keyboard 4x4
Ic timer 555
2 channel relay
Leds-i tested the solar panel with one And it’s working
The problem is that the “L” led on arduino is Not working when is Connected At sunny buddy So the arduino will Not do the code that I wrote. What can i do?

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Draw a schematic of how things are connected.

The UNO will not run at 3.7V. You need a boost converter to get up to a useful voltage.

What is the voltage for the other components such as the relay module and electrovalve?