Making Arduino control servos like the SSC 32

I have a project that uses an Arduino and an SSC 32 servo controller to control a hexapod with 18 servos. I found the Arduino code to control the SSC 32 servo controller and I got it working really well with a PS2 controller. But for my end result, I want the Arduino to completely control the hexapod without having to have an extra microcontroller. The Arduino controls the SSC 32 by printing out codes through Serial and then the SSC 32 processes the code and makes the servos move. I would really like to keep the code, but I don't want to keep the SSC 32. I could create a whole program dedicated to taking the Strings printed to the SSC 32, but I would really hate to reinvent the wheel if someone else has already figured out how to.

Just for reference, the Arduino sends out a String to the SSC 32 like such: Serial.println("#0P1500T200"); with #0 representing which servo to control, P1500 representing the position to move the servo to, and T200 representing the time it takes for that individual servo to move to the desired position in milliseconds.

Also if there were an Arduino shield or small breakout board that could control servos the same ways as above then that would be appreciated.

Why do you want to ditch the SSC 32?

A commonly used servo driver is the pca9685 by adafruit. It is also available from AliExpress for much less if you can wait for the delivery from China.

It does not use the same strings. But it would be a relatively small effort to change your existing code that currently serial.prints the commands to the adafruit syntax, something like

   pwm.setPWM(servonum, 0, servopos);

Edit: I just noticed that your current card supports a servo speed parameter. I am not sure the PCA9685 does that.

Thank you for your fast response. The main reason that I want to ditch the SSC 32 is that I am designing my own PCB for a small Arduino(originally I wanted a Mega pro so that I could control all 32 servos directly from the Arduino, but if I could find a board that uses the same setup as the SSC 32 I may just use a Nano) to go on top of to control the servos and have output pins for Bluetooth and PS2 control, as well as pins for ultrasonic sensors. I like how the SSC 32 controls servos and how I can control it from an Arduino, I just don't like the bulkiness and size of it.