Making Arduino MKR Zero

I was doing my own DIY Arduino Board, and I was confused to what microprocessor should I use in making the Arduino MKR Zero board. The provided microcontroller from the schematic diagram is ATSAMD21G18A-48, but whenever I search it on the market, suggested microprocessor are ATSAMD21G18A-AU, ATSAMD21G18A-AF, ATSAMD21G18A-AFT, ATSAMD21G18A-AUT, ATSAMD21G18A-MUT, ATSAMD21G18A-AZT and etc. I was so confused and I don't know much about these stuffs!

Send help. Thank you so much!!!!!

Section 3 of the SAMD21 datasheet available at should explain all you need to know.

However, having just looked at it, it doesn't explain the -48 suffix. I would hazard a guess that this is indicating a 48 pin part, but that's what the G in 21G is for. The first letter of the suffix usually indicates the package type.

If you are making your own board, then you can choose whichever package type you like. They are all pretty small and I wouldn't want to attempt to hand solder them myself.

Big thanks!! But do u think it can affect the way the Arduino MKR zero built program, because different microprocessor was used?

It shouldn't affect the code. From what I can tell, the difference in part numbers relates to either the physical package type or how the part is shipped from the manufacturer. The actual micro inside is the same.

The main thing to watch out for is a package with less pins as you will obviously loose some functionality.

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