Making Arduino talk to Flash

I'm trying to make my Arduino talk to Flash. For doing this I've used this tutorial: w w w

Now I'm in step 4, but I gets an error message:

Undefined reference to `printByte'

o: In function `sendStringToFlash(char*)':
undefined reference to `printByte'o: In function `ArduinoConversation(int)':
o: In function `loop':

Some help would be great! :)

What part do you not understand? In a function (sendStringToFlash) you reference printByte that is not declared. Make you have all the included and referenced files you need.

Hello, yxyxyx,

You are using the new Arduino 0012, correct? The tutorial you referenced was making use of an undocumented (?) function (printByte) that has apparently been removed from the latest version. It may be that simply replacing all instances of printByte with the new, and equally undocumented serialWrite will solve your problem, but I make no guarantees. :)