Making Arduino to speak again

I have tuned a bit the old Cantarino. Suddenly I found that I've rewritten most of it.
The speaking is now a library unit. It runs on interrupt when the text pointer is set.
It also tries to keep all constants in PROGMEM. BUT it speaks finnish.
It occupies about 10k of flash and 250 bytes of RAM, one timer and one pwm pin.

  • sine waves come now from 32 slot table
  • noise is done by pseudo random generator
  • formant amplitude is done with multiply
  • interrupt routine studies the input text and converts it to phonemes and analog
  • numbers are pronounced as whole or separate digits
  • pitch and rate are adjutable
  • vowels tuned to finnish
  • k,p,t and kk,pp,tt tuned to finnish
  • wave can be outputted as values for testing purposes