Making Back to the Future auto fitting jacket, unsure of which ardiuno to use

So for my senior engineering project, I am building the auto fitting jacket from back to the future. I know I need an arduino controller, but am unsure of which one. Here's what it needs to do:
-activate with button push
-controlling three motor systems simultaneously, two involving two motors, and one involving one motor, that continue until a sensor is tripped (we need 5 motor outputs and three sensor inputs for this part)
-produce sound if possible (not a big deal, I can go without)
-be as small as possible

for my senior engineering project

At what grade level?

controlling three motor systems simultaneously

What are these motors going to do?

produce sound if possible (not a big deal, I can go without)

It's hardly going to be realistic if it doesn't talk like it did in the movie.

BTW. Do you have a really good understanding of the word "fiction" in Science Fiction?


Like a geekier version of Hussein Chalayan? I suppose you'll want a LilyPad, then.