Making changes in a library

Hi! I am trying to make changes in stepper motor library. But I dont know how to save changes. I tried with notepad and editor editplus, but i cannot save the changes. It would be great if anyone can help with me it. Thank you!

Yes, all you need is a text editor, make your changes then save with the same name.
Best you keep a copy of the original library somewhere else.

I use:

I’ve seen situations where the library is Read-only at the folder level.

You could copy the library to your sketch folder, edit and try with your sketch. When you have things right, you could keep the new library encapsulated (#include “./libraryname”) or move the new library back overwritting the old:(#include )


I, too, use Notepad++.
Your troubles may be stemming from how the library folders are set up as read only, so you need a program like Notepad++ run as Administrator to make it easy.

Otherwise you can copy the file to a different location like your desktop, edit it, then replace the old version.

Thank you everyone. Notepad ++ works great.

For colours, look here:,141050.0.html