Making code available

Hi all

I'm new to Arduino but not to single chip computing. I specifically bought an Arduino because I wanted to create a remote control and monitoring application over the web and the Arduino ethernet shield appeared the best way of doing this.

I searched for examples of using this for data input but found very little out there that would run on the current release so had to actually do some development :-)

What I've developed is an example program that reads in data from radio buttons, a check box and a text field and uses this to control operation of a simple data-logging and control application.

Now the question: I'd be happy to share the code so anyone else can use/abuse it but what's the best way of doing this? It is bigger than the 9500 characters allowed in a forum message and I don't have a suitable website or blog for it.

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Its a wiki, so add a page for your project, you can upload a zip file to the page. I found a page that had a file link in it, and copied how they did it. You add the file link, then save the page, when you click the link the first time, you are taken to a file upload area, choose your file and it will be uploaded.

Then link it to ethernet and/or datalogging topics.

The downside is theres no automatic history like a svn or git, but you can just keep a history on your page.

Thanks for contributing...

If you want to share on a general "open-source" programming sort of community site, you can also post on GitHub. ( If you're familiar with CVS, Subversion or of course, Git for code versioning systems, GitHub should feel pretty familiar.

The upside is that people can see your code/projects and "fork" them, and make improvements as they see fit - contributions and so on. Then again, maybe the local forums provide just the sort of thing appropriate for the community. :)