making custom ADK

Hi all, Right now i am trying make custom board for my project. so my first challenge is how to program 16U2 controller for that i tried AVR ISP programmer with AVR studio for burning hex file in 16U2.

How could i check this 16U2 is working fine or not. in my opinion*(I am not sure)* if i connected ADK board to USB then serial monitor must be open. but in my case USB says that USB is not recognized so anyone has any idea what is going on any kind of post would be appreciated

may be this is happens because i dont know what is the FUSE bit setting any kind of suggestions in my circuit only 16U2 and circuit power circuit only solder

Thanks in advance

Hi Guys, i am posting my new problem in this thread because this problem related from this thread. so what i did i tell you... first solder Power circuitry then 16U2 circuitry then it's working fine(When i plug my board via USB with PC so it detect as port and also detect by arduino IDE)

then solder ATmega2560 circuitry now i tried first upload Arduino ISP sketch which given in example then nothing is happened not a single error comes but when i disconnect usb then it's give error tell "no board is available"

now i don't know what is going there even i double check my connection and whole circuitry nothing missing.......

So any of one know what is going there and any kind of suggestion then it makes a big difference

Thanks in advance