making electromagnet

Hi all,

I'm new to electronics and arduino, maybe my question is already done by someone, I saw a lot of discussion going on about this topic, is there anyone has done the solenoid electromagnet example?pictures of how it is being assembled? and it is hard for me to run the schematic example currently I'm plugging in 12V DC adapter to arduino board and any ideas how to control the intensity of the electromagnet going through the breadboard other than plugging 9V battery direct to the breadboard?

In English we have a thing called a full stop it looks like a little point like this. It tells us when we can take a breath. I am quite breathless after reading your post. Also I am not sure what you are asking. Please provide links to what you want people to discuss. Yes there are ways of controlling the current through an electro magnet. Why do you want to do this?

Sorry for the unclear information this is for my cybernetic arch. school project in Dessau, Germany, dealing with electronic controlled electromagnet, ferrofluid what i'm trying to do: 1. I need to see how to assemble the schematic of Solenoid; 2. Controlling the electromagnet intensity through arduino; 3. I will used the electromagnet to vary the level of ferrofluid like the example in this video

need to see how to assemble the schematic of Solenoid;

Again not too sure what you mean but it is just lots and lots of turns of wire on a core of soft iron.

Controlling the electromagnet intensity through arduino;

most of the arduino control is on and off. Here you need to supply the coil with an AC current. Make the AC from changing the frequency of the PWM pins, smooth it into a sin wave with a little RC filter and then apply that to a power amplifier possibly a class B amplifier with a couple of FETS.

Thank you very much will try it.