Making Music with an Arduino

Hey guys!
Just finished making a prototype system for something that I’m developing that would allow people with no musical background to create simple musical melodys just with the movmement of their hands.

I’ve done this using an old arduino Duemilanove board, a midi shield and a seeduino sensor chassy (for connecting things up to).

Easiest way to see how this all works is a video, I’ve made a quick youtube demo and posted it here for anyone that’s interested.


Hi Cra88y,

Looks / sounds nice! Is it an experiment or is it part of a bigger project? I am curious what you will make with it!



Hi Jasper, Its part of a bigger project - I'm doing a PhD at Dundee University looking at making music more accessible and how this can be done through various interfaces.

I'm working on arudino just-now, and going to be continuing with this for the next few months, then moving onto other things - wii-remote hacks, kinect, MS Surface - basically anything that I think would be an interesting interface for people to be given the opportunity to make something that they normally wouldn't normally get the chance to.

Thanks for the positive comments! Mike