Making music with the arudino

Hi, I'm pretty new to the idea of the arduino so please bear with me. I'm a musician and I also enjoy working with electronics, what better to do than to put the two together and create electronic instruments! However, all the instrument projects I've seen only use the arduino as a MIDI controller. Is there anyway to use the arduino to generate sounds without a computer to interface with. I've got some ideas, but I need to make sure they'll work before I continue. Thanks! Wolfman

You can generate MIDI data with the Arduino, no host computer required. That MIDI data can then go to a synth such as the Yamaha MU10 that Mike uses.

Mike’s MIDI Glockenspiel, Arduino powered:

that's brilliant! but I was looking for something that didn't require a midi device at all. Something with just a female jack that I could plug into any amp.

LOL it's still in my clipboard from another thread.


Thank you for the idea. But me and my newbie brain can't figure out how this would work.

Another couple of options: - - --Phil.

Have a look in our playground there are several pages on this:-

I like the idea of using the waveshield. Now how can I use a device like a softpot to play a certain "tone"?

Ok, so I just finished reading an article from uc hobby:
The method I like the most was using a synthesizer chip. Now I have two questions. Is this the best method and what do I do with the chip, basically where does it go on the board?

Take a look at this shield, too: