Making my HVAC unit smart using a ESP8266


I have a Villavent VTR 300 ventilation unit in my house that I want to control using a ESP8266 (ESP-01). My plan is to make the ventilation unit go into high fan mode when a sensor in the bathroom detects too much humidity.

According to the documentation on schematics of my ventilation unit the unit will go into high fan mode if DI3 and GND are shorted (i’ve attached the schematics).

What is the simplest way to short these pins together? I’ve already figured out how to control one of the inputs of this type of relay. Is this the best way to go, or could it be done simpler? I am also concerned that the relay I linked to will give some kind of current that can damage the ventilation unit circuitry.

Would be good with some tips since i’m on quite thin ice here knowledge-wise.

78979-2080634_SAVE_VTR_200_300_500_Koblingsskjema_NO (A009) (1).pdf (171 KB)

There it is not a problem using it. Since it is a contact I do not see how it can damage your air controller. Also it is compatible with Arduino. So your are not going to have any problem interfacing it to the Arduino.

This may be an option since it includes both major hardware devices you intend to use. Do you understand that an ESP8266-xx has an embedded microcontroller and memory that can be programmed through the Arduino IDE with the same code that you would develop for an Arduino? However you will have to do some investigation and experimenting to enable you to load code to it since the bare ESP8266-01 (looks like an 01 in the image) is not as hookup friendly as an Arduino.

  • Scotty