Making my own Arduino MKR Zero?

Hi, I am working in a company and currently, I am in the prototype stage of making a small product out of Arduino MKR Zero. For the final version of the product, the plan is to make an Arduino MKR Zero clone board by our own self so that we can include some extra electronics required and keep the package as small as possible. Of course, we will use the same materials (e.g. Microcontroller, Resistors, etc.) as the original Arduino MKR Zero on our own board. However, this raises two questions for me:

First, would I be able to program the Arduino MKR Zero clone that I make by myself using Arduino IDE without any expert modifications? Or will there be extra steps required such as installing a Bootrom on the microcontroller so that it works just like the original Arduino MKR Zero?

Second and more important, what are the licensing issues? Can I sell the product to my customers without any license from Arduino's side? If not, then what is the procedure to be able to sell it to my customers?

You will need to burn a bootloader onto the microcontroller IC, but then can use the Arduino IDE. There are several guides online for what is needed to do this. Also, consult the data sheet - it will explain every pin. If you don’t want the ability to update software, you can load the program onto the chip before soldering to a board using an adapter that snaps shut around the MC and then save some space on the board.

I’m no lawyer, so #notlegaladvice. But you are designing the board and purchasing microcontrollers that are meant to go onto commercial products (they come in reels of 4000). It won’t be identical to the MKR Zero. You should be fine as far as I know, but definitely consult a lawyer.

all your answers are in the official website about open source.

if you are making an embeded board with the 'heart' of the board similar in design and operation for sale as a 'thing' like a solar panel tracker or some such.... you should be able to get written approval as fair use and satisfy all your legal concerns. and you SHOULD !

no one, none of us on the forum have that authority so we are not able to give you legal advise.

Hi Rl4ndom, thanks for the info. I will try to find those articles and see how can I burn a bootloader onto the microcontroller IC. I will try to figure out the legal stuff as well.

Hi dave-in-nj! Thanks, I will try to get in contact with Arduino to get the details and approval.

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