Making my own arduino, need some help.

I currently have on hand some 100pf capacitors, and I was wondering if these could be replaced for the 22pf capacitors connected to the 16 hz clock crystal?

Nope. Well, four or five of them in series maybe.

Capacitors are very cheap and easy to come by, and the osc is the heartbeat of your system , so don't take the risk, play arround the range of 10pF..27pF. If your planning to make your system to go into deep sleep, pay good attention to you oscillator. take a peek at chapter 9 of the ATmega48A/PA/88A/PA/168A/PA/328/P datasheet

The lowest capacitor size that my radioshack carried was these 100pf, and I do not have time to order them online. Is there any other solutions to this, or do I need to go hunting for some 22pf caps?

It might actually run without the caps. Leave them out and try it. If it runs, maybe it'll work ok until you can get some ordered.

Go hunting. Try leaving them off. Use internal 8 MHz oscillator until you get parts. Order now from Digikey, Mouser, DipMicro, whomever is closest.

Where are you?

I'm currently in missour. I will try to just run the arduino without the caps, and connect the oscillator directly to the positive.

Beatz1337: connect the oscillator directly to the positive.

?? What oscillator? That doesn't sound right. If you have a 16MHz crystal, just connect it to the crystal pins as usual. Add the caps when you get some that are the correct size.

Not oscillator, clock crystal, what I meant. With everything plugged in correctly, my setup will not run the blink sketch.

Digikey is in MN. Mouser is in TX. Both would have quick shipping to MO.

Buy enough parts for a couple of boards for upcoming projects. Mouser has $4.99 residential shipping.

When I press the reset button, it will blink briefly, however, it does not continue the blink sketch.

I've never seen this..but when I move the clock crystal, the sketch starts. Any ideas why?

Nevermind, I figured it out. The leads on the clock crystal are much smaller than my breadboard sockets and were not making contact.

Its always the simple stuff ...