Making my own symbol font ???

Hello, is there any tool to make it, or a link where I can read how to do??


Symbol font for what? You don't give enough information.


I am working with buttons por a TFT, and you can assign images of a symbolfont for these buttons.

I have seen differents kinds of symbolfonts to use with buttons, but I would like to draw my own symbols.

May be better in Displays forum?? Mmm

Hello, is there any tool to make it, or a link where I can read how to do??


I usually make my bitmaps by hand (if there are only a few that I need). The ones I make are for a VFD display, which is tricky because each byte generates an 8 pixel vertical line with the LSB on top and the MSB on the bottom.

To convert a normal bitmap, I need to rotate it CCW, and then in blocks of 8 (a royal pain - which is why I make my own by hand).

I made this little guide for generating 8x8, 8x16, 16x8 and 16x16 bitmaps. I just draw in the pixels, then read off the hex values. Hope this is of some help…


Mmm… well, first of all thank you, but I still not understand what to do.

By now, I see, that I can put a file named myfont.c in the same directory of my sketch and then “import” and use… Could we see in an example???

I am having a glance to a “font file” … I see a kind of array with info and I think that “the definition of the font”:

// Ubuntu.c
// Font type    : Full (95 characters)
// Font size    : 24x32 pixels
// Memory usage : 9124 bytes

#if defined(__AVR__)
	#include <avr/pgmspace.h>
	#define fontdatatype const uint8_t
#elif defined(__PIC32MX__)
	#define PROGMEM
	#define fontdatatype const unsigned char
#elif defined(__arm__)
	#define PROGMEM
	#define fontdatatype const unsigned char

fontdatatype Ubuntu[9124] PROGMEM={

(I try to understand)

and then it is supposed it es for letter “A”


I think that these hex numbers define the “black dot in the matrix”… but…

1 - How I know that “that letter” belongs to the “A letter in my keyboard”???
2 - What is the relation with the “matrix” you tell me … (although here we talk about bigger dimension)

I am Spanish… how do I suppused to “read off” (the meaning in an example)??

Is there not any tool to generate?

There are many tools. Search for “font generator”.