Making my project wireless


I'm currently in the middle of a sound art installation project that uses 5 piezo disks inside the pipes of a windchime to manipulate sounds and music in Max/Msp when the piezos come into contact with eachother. I was completely new to Arduino before this project but the kind people of this forum have helped me along and I've got a really cool looking project so far. I have a seperate thread on that but what I'm now asking seems like a different ball game so I thought id start a new thread. The only issue is that it works only when connected to the computer with a wire, something that I don't want as I think it will really take away from the projects realism.

All I need is for my project to work exactly as it is now but without wires. Basically I want to know the best way to go wireless. I have played around with a HC-05 module but from what I've seen on this forum it seems like it doesn't work with a Mac, which is what I'm using.

Is there a bluetooth module that works for Mac? or is there another workaround? maybe using OSC or something like that?



“The only issue is that it works only when connected to the computer with a wire”
Why? What input does the project require from the computer (or rather human using the computer)?

If none, then there’s no need for a wireless solution. Just power your Arduino with a battery pack.

Normally for an “art installation” I’d expect everything to be preprogrammed, or any user input required to be handled by the Arduino (switches, sensors, etc).

I don't know the answer (because I don't have a MAC) but you are more likely to attract the attention of people who can help if your Title mentions Bluetooth and MAC - maybe "What Bluetooth module do I need to connect to a MAC?"

If you edit your Original Post you can change the Title