making my stepper motor less rumble, more smooooth

Hey People,

Check this out, it’s my mate Dan’s stepper tutorial:

I’ve basicly done the same thing, only slight problem is it’s making alot of noise, it rumbles around on my desk like a mobile phone ringing, and doesn’t seem very “smooth”.

Here are the specs for my motor:
(does say it’s 3.15 v).

I also checked the power going out of the easydriver
Coil 1: 6v
Coil 2: 12v

Is there to much power going to my motor? I tried turning the power knob on the easydriver, didnt seem to do much. BTW: What’s the easyist way to turn that knob, it’s so small!


Nick D

I wonder why the two coils recieve different voltages ? this might be problematic.

ne thing i experienced with stepper motors is that if you try to step them too fast the tend to rumble and whine, i don’t really know what the mechanical explonation for tis is.

How fast are you steppeing the motors ?

Yeah, it’s werid with the coils, is that common? It would be cool is someone could do the same test.

Same as Dan, 100 milisecs, but his is smoooth. Im tempted to just go and buy the same motor.


Fixed it.

I did a forum search, and you have to conect the Arduino ground to the easyDriver ground. Then it’s sweet as!

Oh yes thats important, cool you got it going.