Making pcb

Hey all
can you tell me how to make pcb

What sort of PCB?

Oh dear.
Is Google broken again?

I want to try to make double layer pcb
but with only toner transfer method
are that will works?

Are you, by any chance, related to this chap, with a very similar username and a very identical IP address?

I do not think you can get the fit between the front and back side.
But try and see if you can place the paper in the right place.

oh that was my brother

ok im gonna try to make double layer pcb with toner transfer method soon
thanks all

In the interests of full disclosure, I am the owner of that Yahoogroup. There is a lot of experience there, and many people who do double-sided boards with toner transfer.

This page has a LOT of useful information:

nb. I'm not affiliated with that page

For me, sending files to iteadstudio is really convenient. I do double sided 10cm x10cm boards with lots of parts, not gonna mess with drilling all those holes. Soldermask makes assembly a lot smoother, and stenciling keeps it looking sharp. Home-made PCBs miss out on those. 10mil traces, 12mil plated vias for connecting side to side means you can get a lot of stuff connected. 10 boards $10 (5cm x 5cm) or $20 (10cm x 10cm) plus shipping.

May not be so convenient depending on your location.

This Atmega328P + 12 shift registers (TCIP6B585) is 9.5cm x 9.5cm as an example (see below).
I just finished up a 15 shift register card to drive a 9x9x9 cube with 81 common anode columns, 9 common cathode layers last night, ordering parts later. All current limit resistors and N-channel MOSFETs for the layers are included. 644 holes for components, plus vias, plus corner mounting holes. No way I'm drilling that many!

Thanks all for the refrence