Making Pins stay in Place to a MPU6050

Hello...I bought this product:

I want to know how to make the metal pins to stay in the MPU without coming out or me holding them in place. I want to do this without soldering...any options?


The only option other than soldering is to buy a module that has the header pre-soldered.

If you’re going to do any significant projects with Arduino you’re going to end up needing to get soldering equipment and supplies and learn to use them. With a little research, you can get a usable soldering setup for not much money.

Ok..thank you.

There exist solderless "press-fit" headers. Sparkfun used to sell them but no longer do. I don't know if that was because they were not a profitable line for them, or because they got bad feedback from customers. The only other seller I can find is Pimoroni but they only supply 2x20 way solderless "hammer" headers to fit Pi Zero, so would not fit your gyro module.

To work, press-fit headers need properly through-plated holes, and need to be forced into those holes without damaging the PCB or components, which may not be easy or risk free.