Making Row-of-4-holes for protoboard eagle library component?

I'm looking to create the classic proto-board type shape as a library component for eagle.

That is, I'd like something like this:

Four holes, plated, with exposed copper on both sides.

How do I make a library component like that in Eagle?

I started with 4 through-hole pads, adjusted to be how I wanted them - easy. Now to do the copper between them - and that's when it all goes bad.

I tried drawing on the "Pad" layer, but that got flagged for layer abuse when I do the DRC check.

But if I put down an SMD pad, or draw on Top and Bottom (and tstop/bstop, ofc), that gets flagged for Overlap between pads and top/bottom (even though they're all connected to the same thing). Is there some way to tell it that all of this is electrically connected and it doesn't matter that it overlaps?

There must be a way to do something like this - but how?!

Anyone have any idea?

So far, my best hope looks like using the SMD pads, and generating the gerbers myself so the board house can't run the DRC over it - the gerbers that come out look legit - but I'd rather like to be able to use the DRC myself to make sure I'm not screwing anything up, and that's not going to be possible on a board that will have approximately 1400 overlap errors.

You can't draw wires in the package editor? Just draw a line on the "top" layer and it should work as a trace. Give the pads the same name, with the "@" trick to allow several pins to have the same name.

As a last resort, just draw the wires on the board after you have placed the component.