Making slections using keypad from options as diplayed on LCD

I have been able to display four options on LCD. now I want to select one option from those four options using keypad. I want that after i selct one option then a sub menue becomes visible which allows me to adjust some variables. Please tell me in general how to do it. I shall be grateful. thanx


Welcome to the forums ! Which part of this project is it that you're wanting an explanation on? If you're just starting out and the button presses are a mystery I suggest you run through some introductory videos which will help you get the basics - this series by Jeremy Blum for example.

If it's the menus that are baffling you, you'll probably find the Switch & case statements of interest. It sounds like a very simple menu system so you'll find lots of entries on this forum with examples, and talking about libraries that can assist if you search for "LCD Menu".

Cheers ! Geoff

These are two of the LCD menu system Library