Making sure it's original

Hello from Colombia, i’m a systems engineer student and i want to make a little rc car for a project so i bought the Uno R3 teal, came with the backplate, thank you note and stickers seems original but still want to make sure.
everything seems fine, the little black chip with the golden Arduino logo, but the only difference between mine and the picture on this page is the website link, here shows but mine shows on both sides. Should i worry?

It's not a counterfeit. A little while back there was an internal dispute in the Arduino company and they split into two different companies. One's website was, the other was this website That issue has since been resolved and there is only one Arduino company and one Arduino website now but there are still some of the boards available out there. You can think of it as a collector's item I suppose.

Thank you, that's the only difference between them the fonts and everything match, so i'm happy i have a genuine Arduino.