Making two boards talk... wirelessly?

Hi all. I am fairly new to Arduino, although I am familiar, tinkering with a lot of little projects.

Question: What is the easiest, most stable way to make two Arduinos talk to each other? All I want to do is send two numbers (x and y joystick position data) from here (A) to there (B), and maybe some simple sensor data back from B to A, probably using a pair of Micros... or Nanos... small boards, anyway.

I'm reading about things such as the HC-04, -05, -06, the HM-10... the nRF24L01... and all of it makes me want to go screaming into the night.

"Yoy can do this, but you can't do that; this might work, but this won't work; you can do this but you have to do that...blah blah blah."


I don't need to communicate with my computer, nor do I don't need to comminicate with a smart phone. Just two boards, happily speaking to one-another.

(thank you)

For problems with Arduino itself, NOT your project

Had trouble with that bit, huh?