Making your own circut board.

Can anyone link me a good tut for designing? I read a few short ones but I would like to read about there voltage and amp limits. Also if anyone here has made there own or designed there own and ordered it, could you tell me what you used to design it and where you ordered it from or how you made it? has a great tutorial series on using eagle from

for simpler projects, or just drawing up a quick schematic for discussion here, has a simple to use tool.

others prefer kicad, and seems to be showing up a lot, altho posters here can't seem to get a usable schematic for posting here for any kind of design review discussion.

prefer sending gerber files to a place like, ten 5cm x 5cm double-sided boards, soldermasked, silkscreened, $10 plus shipping from China.
Folks also make their own, good for one-off designs. I'm not gonna be bothered with drilling all the holes for thru-hole designs and populating vias for SMD's, etc., not when I can get professionally created PCBs for so little money.

Another site was linked here recently for similar service, 3 boards, 2 square inch (or 2" x 2"? not sure now), $5/sq inch. I''ll repost when I find the name.
I've done quite a few boards and usually have bare boards available to sell for pretty much cost plus mailing:

Here it is -

I have not used yet.

Awsome replies... As always. TY for the links. I was expecting MUCH higher priceses.

Yes, free software and cards for $10 is pretty good.