Making your own PCBs

eye hav bean makking mi own bords four meny meny many 365 deys, usen the thermeal transfur method.

tit hasnt done me any hearm wot so ever, cerry on.

Is there something wrong with your keyboard?

Yea that's pretty much the only way for hobbyists to do it.

A LOLcats DIYer? Thought I'd seen it all.

@jonisonvespa - LOL, keep it up then, you seem a-ok :D I think I'm going to go lick some solder and see what happens.

Lead is sweet, and solder lead is chewy. When I was a wee baby, my crib was lead-based paint. Makes for a good afternoon snacking/licking... like living in a giant sweet lollipop cage.

It caused me brain damage... made me do things as a kid... like skateboarding without helmets or paddings, biking without helmets, or riding in cars without seatbelts, playing with mercury from broken thermometers (that was fun), and other dangerous stuff. It's a miracle I'm still alive.