Male-to-male connectors for connecting digital to screen

I am trying to make a humanoid robot and I want to use this screen for the robot's head. Can I use male to male ribbon connectors to connect my Arduino MEGA 2560's digital output pins to the included shield? SOMEONE PLEASE ANSWER!!!

Hello riptidegamesceo, welcome.

I see this is your second question and in both you have ended with


Please don’t do that, all you will achieve is annoying people and putting people off helping you. We are volunteers and we answer the questions we feel like answering and think we have something useful to offer. Shouting at us like that just makes us want to move on to someone else.

I thank you.

If the pin out from the 2 devices matches then I think you would be OK.

Thanks, Perry. Also sorry for doing the "shouting". :frowning:

Just be very careful to make sure the pins on one board are connected to the correct pins on the other. Provided they are I don't see a problem.

Okay. Thanks.