Manager For Linux

Today the bar at the top of the page has changed and it includes a ... box at the top right which has various menu items. One of them is called Manager for Linux.

What is it for?


PS ... I can manage my Linux without assistance from the Forum :slight_smile:

That “box” menu is for the Arduino Create services. The “Manager for Linux” is a feature where you can upload Arduino sketches to a Linux single board computer (SBC) such as Raspberry Pi or Beaglebone.

There’s a discussion about it here:

That "box" menu is for the Arduino Create services.

The the "box" menu should be labelled "Arduino Create".

The usual usage of box menus in websites is to provide options for the website itself.


The Arduino Design Team released a blog post along with the website update:

We’re always open to feedback that will enhance your experience, so please share your opinions (positive or negative) with us in the comment section below, or in our Forum or on Discord.

So I guess they will take your suggestion into consideration.