Managing engines via usb ,using Arduino

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I'd like to know , how can I control engines via usb - port , using Arduino schema?Does Motor Shield v2 appropriate for this task?

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It depends on what kind of engines you are talking about.

DC motor ?
Servo motor ?
Stepper motor ?
Something else ?

dc motor and 2 servos

The servos can usually be commanded (not powered) by the Arduino without the need for a shield. There is a Servo library that makes it easy.

The DC motor will probably need to be commanded using a motor shield. The one you refer to is good.

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well I'd like to know how can I write program , which could command my servos and dc motors?What specific libraries do I need ?

I'd like to know how can I write program

Use the Arduino IDE.

What specific libraries do I need ?

The Servo library would be a good one to use. Other ones would depend on what the servo is moving in response to, and/or what it is moving.

is there software emulator for arduino?i'd like to write and test program ,while i'm w8ting for my arduino))

There are emulators for the AVR chip used in an Arduino, but I'm not aware of anyone who's successfully used one of those programs for development.

does anyone know how to insert buttoms into proccessing project and manage their events (ex click_event)?thx for answering!