Manchaster.h file not including in project

Hi every one i am a newbee and i am using manchaster.h library for some project. When i am trying to compile the example code it gives the following errors

In file included from manchesterT.pde:1: C:\Program Files (x86)\Arduino\libraries\MANCHESTER/MANCHESTER.h:1: error: stray '\357' in program C:\Program Files (x86)\Arduino\libraries\MANCHESTER/MANCHESTER.h:1: error: stray '\273' in program C:\Program Files (x86)\Arduino\libraries\MANCHESTER/MANCHESTER.h:1: error: stray '\277' in program

So please help me out....

i am using manchaster.h library

That you got from where? How?

I got the header file from this link

Please help me out

I download the zip file, opened it, and copied the MANCHESTER folder to my Arduino libraries folder. I edited MANCHESTER.h, and changed WProgram.h to Arduino.h. I saved the file, found one of the pde files in the example folder, and dropped it on the IDE icon. The IDE opened the file. Compilation reported no errors.

So, what did you do?

Thanks for the Reply mate i followed the same steps but the compilation resulted in an error... Will try again...!!!

No luck ....Still getting the same error. I am listing the steps that i took before compiling the program. 1. Copied manchaster.h and manchaster .c to arduino library. 2.replaced wprogram.h with arduino.h in manchaster .h 3.Loaded the example .pde file and compiled it

one more thing am i supposed to copy the core folder too ... to hardware forlder the arduino directory?? Please help me out...

Got the error fixed. The issue was my code editor saved the file in UTF8 format, not ANSI. Thanks