maniacbug's rf24 libraries - How to change data rate?

I can't for the life of me figure out how to do this... I feel really dumb because I'm sure that it is simple, but frankly I feel that it is still beyond my abilities...

Can anyone lend a hand?


Can't lookmfor you directly at the moment but it is inone of the files, probably RF24.cpp

Do a search for 1MBPS or 2MBPS.

I can look properly tomorrow if you haven't solved it by then.

Yeah... So I really feel dumb...

If anyone else runs into this problem and is using both the RF24 library and the RF24 Network library... the RF24 Network will change the data rate set in the RF24 library to 1MBPS as a default. Meaning if you set the data rate in the RF24 library or if you change the data rate using "radio.setDataRate" prior to calling "network.begin" then the setting will not persist. If you set the data after "network.begin" then the print details will not be accurate the data rate should be whatever was set.