manipular control de elevador con arduino yun

tengo una maqueta de elevador y quiero manipularlo mediante android y un servidor de de internet. //
I have a model elevator and I manipulate By Android and server Internet .

Café, té, una gaseosa o jugo?

Hi Jedwin, actually there is a forum to post in spanish, here is the link:

So Anyways if you want to control an elevator model, ther would be a good idea use the PWM signals form the Arduino, i guess the model has a DC motor, so you can make a little research on how to control PWM it's easy.
For the server part, you could use an Arduino wifi shield, but it's a little expensive, I'll start to work with the NodeMCU, this is probably a good idea too, and for the android part add a Bluetooth module HC-05 or HC-06.

Maybe we could help more, if you post your progress.

Hola Jedwin, hay un foro para publicar en español, aqí esta el link:

Si quieres una respuesta en español, postea tu duda en ese foro, me pasas el link y con gusto la respondo. Esto lo hago para seguir las reglas

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